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Shelby v5 - Acquire/View

Shelby v5 Tip - Acquire/View Let’s talk about the feature Acquire/View in Shelby v5. This feature allows documentation to be attached to transactions. This is a great way to view and print source documents for internal use as well as outside audits. On the transaction entry screen in all...

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Shelby v5 and Credit Card Transactions

Ah, credit card transactions. Raise your hand if you love them! Reconciling the corporate credit card, no matter how many users, can be a huge task. In Shelby v5 the Credit Card reconciliation runs similarly to the Bank Reconciliation, but lives in the AP module. What is nice about Shelby v5’s...

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Shelby v5 - Project Reporting

Shelby v5 has functionality for tagging and reporting on special projects. In the General Ledger Module click on Utilities then Projects. The screen will display and allow you to add a project code. These are numeric only and are assigned by the system in numerical order. However, you can add a...

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I worked in Shelby v5 for over 10 years. One feature that I used every day was Inquiry. This is found under General Ledger>Inquiry (not reports). On the screen you have many options. You can select Fund, Department, Account number or a range of account numbers, period or date range. Your...

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Shelby v5 Tips - Reports

Shelby v5 Tips-Reports Having trouble getting the exact report you want out of Shelby v5? While Shelby offers many out of the box options in reporting, sometimes we need more detail or a consolidation. One of the options available is the Special Reports function. If you click on reports on GL...