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Disallow Manual Posting to Control Accounts

Did you know that you can prevent posting to any GL account by checking the "disallow direct posting" box on the GL account record? This is brand new functionality for Intacct in the most recent release. I definitely recommend for AP and AR control accounts to keep your sub-ledgers in balance. ...

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Why can't I reclassify my bill/invoice?

Troubleshooting the Inability to Reclassify (courtesy of the sage Intacct community) A common inquiry with Customer Support is: "Why can't I reclassify my bill/invoice?" Our Help Center provides a detailed list of all possible reasons you may not be able to reclassify a transaction. Below...

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Close the Books for all of your Entities at the Same Time

Did you know that you can close your books for all entities at the same time by creating an Entity Group in Intacct ? Create a group type “Specific Members” and choose only the Entities. If you select any location within the entity/location group which is not an entity…the group will...

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How do you change the signs for expenses in Intacct?

Intacct shows expenses as a negative number out of the box. Some clients want to show all numbers as positive. To change the group of account group expenditures to positive, you need to change each account group that rolls up into this group to a normal debit balance. See attached document...

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Build an Escheatment Report in Intacct

Do you need an easy report for filing unclaimed checks with the State? See the attached cheat sheet for building this report in Intacct. #intaccttip ESCHEATMENT REPORT.docx ​

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Intacct Tip - Memorized JE Transaction Tip

Find and post memorized transactions for journal entries Intacct tip - Memorized transactions are recurring transactions whose amounts and other details can vary from month to month. For example, you might set up a memorized transaction for payroll, which you plan to post to the Payroll journal...

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Sage Intacct's 2018 FAQs & Resources for Getting your 1099s Done

The following article was published by AcctTwo and can be found here . Your Best Option for Getting Your 1099s Done Quickly With the 1099 season upon us, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you tackle all of your 1099 forms and reporting with Sage Intacct's...