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Does a gift to support a camp counselor have tax implications?

Here's a helpful example on when to use a 1099-MISC form! A college student from our church will be a volunteer counselor at a Christian camp this summer. Our church will give the camp $600 from our mission budget and give him $900 from the mission budget as a gift for his service. He is not...

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Unpaid Payroll Taxes: A Hidden Liability for Churches and Leaders

Reprinted from Christianity Today: Unpaid Payroll Taxes: A Hidden Liability for Churches and Leaders A recent case in the for-profit world underscores the potential threat. Matthew Branaugh The News “A company’s CFO is liable for its past-due employment taxes, a court says. He had...

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Ministerial Tax Issues

Churches and ministers can find it difficult navigating the waters of tax issues and rules that uniquely apply to them. GuideStone has recently released a brochure covering topics such as: Who is a "Minister for Tax Purposes"? Is a minister employed or self-employed? How do Social...

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New Parking Tax for Nonprofits, Including Churches

As part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that went into effect in January 2018, there is a new “parking tax” that applies to nonprofit organizations, including churches. The new regulation creates unrelated business income tax on qualified transportation fringe benefits, including employer-provided...

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2019 Inflation And Mileage Update

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