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2019 Federal Reporting Requirements for Churches

The most important federal reporting obligation for most churches is the withholding and reporting of employee income taxes and Social Security taxes. The attached document provides a step-by-step guide for maximizing tax benefits for ministers, complying with federal tax reporting obligations,...

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GAAP Changes to Contribution Accounting in 2019

I recently got together with Vision2 and The Church Network to record a webinar about the new NFP GAAP reporting requirements. We are making the video available to the Mission Support community. Learning Objectives: Learn what changes to GAAP Reporting are coming and how they affect...

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Bringing the Future Into Focus: 5 Tools for Nonprofit Planning

Nonprofits don't get enough credit for their savvy strategic thinking. They have to sustain themselves and secure growth just like any private enterprise. But they must do it with tighter budgets, tougher restrictions, and higher standards for transparency and accountability. It's an impressive...

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4 Ways to Improve Financial Reporting

Effective financial reporting empowers companies to operate flexibly, strategically, and confidently. More commonly, however, reporting is a cumbersome process with minimal benefits. Despite spending ample time and resources pouring through data, companies learn little to propel themselves...