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What happens if someone is misclassified as an independent contractor?

There are many potential liabilities resulting from misclassification and they come from several sources: namely, the IRS, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation, federal wage and hour law, and state wage and hour law. An employer will owe up to three years of back taxes on the...

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Gifts to volunteers - what nonprofits need to know

Nonprofit organizations rely on volunteers to do ministry. They often desire to recognize and appreciate volunteers for the valuable services they provide. However, in doing so, care must be given to ensure they do not become employees or independent contractors in the eyes of the DOL. ...

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All About The Customer: How To Create A Successful Customer Experience Strategy

This is a great post by Annette Franz on Forbes! There's a lot of talk out there about customer experience transformations stalling, or worse, failing. And there's a lot of speculation as to why that's happening. From my perspective, the root cause lies at the top of the...

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Do You Use Quality Principles in Church Administration?

To manage with excellence, there needs to a church culture that understands basic quality principles. These principles determine the level of effort that goes into everything a ministry does. A basic principle of quality looks at how an organization manages itself and understands that...

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Tips for moving between and within line items

You can save time moving between line items of a JE or a bill without using your mouse and leaving your keyboard. See these time-saving tips. #intaccttip ​

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The Power of Testimonials: Inspiring Action For Your Nonprofit

The art of persuasion is a science that everyone has the ability to improve upon, according to psychologist Dr. Robert Cialdini . An important principle of persuasion is “social proof” — that people when faced with a choice they aren’t sure about, look to others around them for guidance,...

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11 Common Church Insurance Questions

For many people, churches are much more than just buildings. They are sacred spaces that carry great meaning to all who gather there for prayer, community, connection and spirituality. It is for these reasons that churches must take steps to provide safe spaces for occupants and mitigate risk on...

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FASB Pronouncement Affecting Revenue Recognition by Nonprofit Organizations Becomes Effective Soon

The amount of revenue and support reported by a nonprofit organization is one of the most significant metrics in the financial reporting process. The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued an Accounting Standards Update (ASU) that is effective soon which provides new guidelines for...

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The Power of One Story

If you could only tell one story, what would it be? When you’re fundraising for your nonprofit, you should be thinking about what kind of story to tell and how to tell it to motivate support for your cause. Luckily, you don’t have to be a natural storyteller to leverage the power of...

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Six Payroll and Benefits Steps After an Employee Dies

It’s an unsettling and emotional time when an employee unexpectedly passes away. From a personal standpoint, co-workers may be stunned and grief-stricken over the loss of a colleague. On the employer side, the business may have to quickly hire a replacement and train him or her to do the job....