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    There are many potential liabilities resulting from misclassification and they come from several sources: namely, the IRS, ...

  • Nonprofit organizations rely on volunteers to do ministry. They often desire to recognize and appreciate volunteers for ...

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    This is a great post by  Annette Franz on Forbes! There's a lot of talk out there about customer experience transformations ...

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    Your nonprofit is one in a million. One in 1.6   million   in the U.S. alone, to be more exact. So how ... More

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    This is something to keep in mind going forward! WASHINGTON – Although the April filing deadline ... More

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    Pivot Tables - you hear about how great they are. It would be wonderful to know how to build them.  The ... More

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    This article has some great points in it! Let me know your thoughts. 1. Do They Possess the Right ... More

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    This is a great hiring resource written by Slingshot group. ... More

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    HI Cody, We looked into Intacct's budgeting module and found the cost to be 2 to 3 times the cost of ... More

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    Hi Bobby!  I know of two organizations who are currently implementing the new module. Id be happy to ... More

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  • AcctTwo, Nexonia's Partner of the Year, Continues to Deliver the Future of Finance and Accounting

    Nexonia, a leading provider of employee time and expense management solutions, named AcctTwo as its 2018 Partner of the Year.  Nexonia recognized AcctTwo for its commitment to and its success in helping organizations reimagine finance and accounting ... READ MORE