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  • Posted in: MissionSupport

    The COVID-19 pandemic took everyone by surprise. But those nonprofits that had an emergency response marketing plan in place ...

  • Posted in: MissionSupport

    You probably don’t need to be convinced of just how important storytelling is to successful fundraising. It goes without ...

  • Posted in: MissionSupport

    Nonprofits lost   billions of dollars when coronavirus upended their fundraising and operating plans this spring . Now, ...


  • Posted in: NFP MissionSupport

    We have an open position for Director of Finance here at Concord Church in Dallas! You can find more ... More

  • Posted in: NFP MissionSupport

    Cody, The way you describe your setup sounds familiar.  We are a State Convention so aren't tracking ... More

  • Posted in: NFP MissionSupport

    Hello everyone,  I am looking to rebuild how we are tracking data in Intacct right now and trying to ... More

  • Posted in: NFP MissionSupport

    Hi Kelly, I wanted to share with you two presentations from the Faith-Based Finance Collaborative that ... More

  • Posted in: NFP MissionSupport

    Thank you both for sharing your solutions for fixed assets management.  I'll look into both systems and ... More

  • Posted in: NFP MissionSupport

    Does anyone have a good template for construction budget and start-up costs for a new campus? I feel ... More

  • Posted in: NFP MissionSupport

    We have used the Joseph Eve integration with Intacct.  I only work in the Contstruction in progress portion, ... More

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  • Sage Intacct Advantage

    Join AcctTwo in Las Vegas, October 21-25 for Advantage 2019. Sage Intacct is planning another educational, inspirational, and engaging program! Each day is packed with engaging breakout sessions and keynote speakers. It's not all business - don't forget ... READ MORE