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Online Giving for Churches Makes Donating Feel Like Worship Again

By Brenda Jacinto posted 05-04-2021 11:56 AM


Recently we hosted our 6th annual Faith-Based Finance Collaborative, our church finance conference. As part of the event, Carl Tierney - CEO & Founder at Vision 2, presented a session on online giving for churches. Vision 2 realized that giving experiences felt more like bill payment and less like an act of worship. There was no personalized thank yous - just a transaction like paying your utility bill. It inspired them to start Vision 2.  

What Your Giving Experience Should Look Like
  • Less transactional - more personal
  • Comprehensive enough to deal with household correctly
  • Managing multi-campus and virtual sites
  • Able to provide pictures, content, video, personalized messages
  • Can handle checks, cash, remote deposits, stock gifts, complex gifts, etc.

You've taken a lot of time around how to build your team around your community, so you need a giving program that has the same thoughtful approach. A platform that is service oriented, will never turn you away based on size, or what subscription level you are at. Your job is to build the Kingdom and Vision 2's mission is to walk along side of you.

How Vision 2 Helps Support Your Mission

Vision 2 helps emphasizes your church's brand to make it clear on why and what you are giving to. They meet the giver wherever they are - via web, mobile, and/or text. They also handle all off-line giving and provide a complete secure audit-ready record. You get a revenue sub-ledger to get accurate accounting on every gift that includes: refunds, change backs, and changes. 

Life Church Case Study

Life Church in Wesley Chapel, Florida has been using Vision 2 for just over 18-months. "It has been a whirlwind transformation from where we started to where we are today." 

Successes with Vision 2 at Life Church
  • Life Church was able to consolidate the number of systems they were using (7 systems to 3 systems)
  • Time savings have been huge with Vision 2 - they have had a five-figure savings in their ministry from making the transformation from their previous giving system to Vision 2
  • More efficient use of time and able to do more with less people

Watch the entire presentation from Vision 2 and learn more about their new analytics' product below. 

About Vision 2

Vision 2 is a comprehensive giving solution for effective stewardship that helps churches connect with their congregation in the same engaging, welcoming way they would in person. Vision 2 increases donations to the church by establishing trust with donors via customizable content, personalized service, consistent look and feel, and demonstrable impact. The comprehensive back office and analytics and reporting capabilities save staff effort at the same time providing key giving insights.  

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